Join one of the most profitable asset classes in the US to earn consistent passive income from 8%-20%+

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Why invest in Parking?

There are more than 40,000 garages and surface parking lots in the US and the overall parking industry has generated about $29 billion in revenue and more than 140,000 employees, and it’s only projected to grow.


“As the parking industry’s older brother, commercial real estate continues to be sliced, diced, packaged and synthesized into complex investment securities. Parking companies operate much like they did when the concrete was laid decades ago – a time when life was much more simple.”

– Warren Buffett…arguably the world’s most successful investor

Parking in Demand


The #1 reason for parking growth is population expansion projected to increase from 320M in 2015 to 400M by 2050.


Public sector parking is beset by financial pressures and this pressure will accelerate automation and rate increases as demand continues to rise.


Over 120M Americans drive to work every day and with employment being at 92% only increases parking demand. This 15 year trend continues as 86 % of U.S. commuters’ say driving and parking their vehicle is their dominant mode of transportation.


College/university enrollment increased 30% from 2000-2009, from 15.3 million to 20.4 million. There are more students at colleges and universities driving to or on campus.

Join one of the most profitable asset classes in the US to earn consistent passive income from 8%-20%+

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, acquire and manage income-producing parking lots that provide hands-off and hassle-free opportunities for investors at lower minimum investment levels. Our goal is for our investors to preserve their capital investments and collect consistent returns.

Who currently owns most parking lots?

Owners of these Parking Lots range from commercial real estate developers, investment institutions and even some cities.


For a long time its been Investment institutions like banks, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds and private equity firms that have been acquiring and holding parking lots as they yield high returns with minimal risk and have proven it time and time again.


The problem that most people can’t get involved because they don’t have sufficient capital and it’s the Institutions that get to benefit.


How to Get Involved?

Start investing from as low as $32K and receive yearly returns from 8% to 20% and more.

Here at US Parking Investments, Investors can now buy into these high yielding
parking lots to maximize their returns at low entry costs which minimizes their capital risk.

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