Our Mission

To identify, acquire and manage income-producing parking lots that provide hands-off and hassle-free institutional grade opportunities for investors at lower minimum investment levels. Our goal is for our investors to preserve their capital investments and collect consistent returns and benefit from appreciation over time.



U.S. Parking Investments (USPI) offer exclusive, institutional grade commercial real estate opportunities to the everyday investor with a particular focus on high yielding parking lots.

The parking industry has many favorable characteristics because of it’s high barriers-to entry, consistent cash flows and low recurring capital requirements.

Typically, parking lots avoid many of the potentially catastrophic issues that plague
multifamily and office buildings and other tenant orientated models. Issues like non paying tenants, large upfront costs for fashionable improvements and businesses and agents imposing countless fees can be very costly.

The bottom line is that the amount of available parking in most built areas is becoming increasingly limited while demand is growing. This long-term disproportion to supply and demand is good for our business and benefits all parking owners and operators.

With 16 years successful track record in operating parking lots successfully we know that they benefit from economies of scale giving them more opportunities for faster growth and faster executable expansion on new sites which results in higher overall margins.


Savraj Gata-Aura, CEO

Savraj's experience as an entrepreneur and company director covers a diverse range of businesses with a strong emphasis on Real Estate Investments, Headhunting and Sales.

In recent years Savraj has grown to specialize in the acquisition and structuring of high yielding real estate based investment vehicles and building subsequent distribution networks.

His companies cover a wide geographical spread and have been involved, or has advised, in projects in the UK, USA, China, India, Latin America and the UAE.

Savraj is also the official member at Forbes New York Business Council contributing business advisory content for the community.