Start earning 12% on parking today.

Parking is easy. We’ve guaranteed a first year 12% return.


Investment Highlights

highlights Starting from as low as $20k
highlights Minimum Investment $100k
highlights 12% Guaranteed Return for the first year
highlights 65% profit share payout
highlights Projected 12 to 15%+ annual return from Year 2 through 5
highlights Title deed ownership
highlights over 18 years of proven track record
highlights Compliant with SEC Rules and Regulations
highlights Transparent Reporting


USPI purchases parking lots which are strategically placed, expandable and profitable.


Speak with a representative today to learn more about our available offers and secure your investment.



Our 18+ years experienced management team operates the parking lots for maximum profit.



Our investors are paid out on a quarterly basis directly to your account.


4 Reasons “Why” Parking

  1. Real Estate
    Parking lots are “real estate” which means you have all the benefits of appreciation, amortization and depreciation. Like any type of real estate, even if there’s a market crash, you’ll find that real estate always corrects itself over time and continues to increase in value!

  2. Cash Flow
    Well placed parking lots benefit from lots of daily cash flow from transient and long-term customers. Unlike residential real estate we never have a problem collecting rent; when was the last time you were able to leave the parking lot without paying?

  3. Low Carry Costs
    Picture the last parking lot you were in and ask yourself how many attendants you saw? The main expenses associated with parking lots are in the construction and development of them. Once they’re built, parking lots are notoriously known for having very low expenses.

  4. Recession Resistant
    Parking is a necessity not a luxury and there’s always a need for available space. Plus, parking prices can immediately track inflation or recession like conditions. E.g. if currency buying power is reduced and the price of milk is going up, so do our parking prices!

Why Parking?.png

What We See

The parking industry has many favorable characteristics because of its high barriers to entry, consistent cash flows and low recurring capital requirements. The number of vehicles are growing on road rapidly which increases problems regarding the shortage of parking availability.


With 2.2Billion dollars in cash and assets under management, we’ve partnered with New Direction Trust Company to allow investors to take control of their Self Directed IRA with ease.


 About USPI
We are a private equity firm offering exclusive, institutional-grade commercial real estate opportunities to the average investor with a particular focus on high yielding parking lots. Our goal is for our investors to preserve their capital investments and collect consistent returns and benefit from appreciation over time.