An entirely new way to price, market and connect your parking rental with the Dynamic Pricing technology. Setup automatic pricing with one click.



Our industry-leading dynamic pricing technology earns you more revenue than using other not-so-smart pricing methods.


We price your parking space automatically every 60 seconds using 19 billion data points, so you earn more and work less.


We increase your engagement and visibility on major parking sites to get you more page views and more bookings.


Our platform is designed to allow private parking space owners and operators to host their spaces similar to the way Airbnb works whilst also automating the pricing for parking spaces and in making parking as easy to find as your destination. Our platform will operate on a global basis giving you accurate, real-time information about current parking availability. We use pricing technology which automatically adjusts parking space prices around the world in real time based on supply and demand. This technology is dynamic and easily adoptable in the same way Airlines price their flights and hotels price their rooms.

Unlike parking lots/decks that have a fixed number of spaces at any given time, the private parking supply is not constrained and can change up or down rapidly. This fact makes it impossible for a host to price efficiently themselves and makes setting a fixed price risky. We have an amazing opportunity to fundamentally change an industry and bring new pricing technology to hosts, parking marketplaces, booking providers, property managers and more.


With spot-level parking data from parking decks/lots, private/residential and on-street parking instantly available parking operators can access inventory and gain data insights and forecasts immediately. Our aim is to give owners, operators and managers access from anywhere, at any time, from any device through our cloud-based dashboard.

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